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updating wihs data with outcome and censoring variables

parent 166ebf40
......@@ -14,13 +14,18 @@ colnames(wihs)<-c("id","idu","white","age","cd4","drop","delta","art","time")
# Reviewing variables to make sure data read in correctly
# construct a new dataset for input into
# Creating event time and censoring time variables for main analysis
wihs$Y <- ifelse(wihs$delta==1,wihs$time,NA) #Y is time of event (AIDS or death)
wihs$C <- ifelse(wihs$delta==0,wihs$time,NA) #C is time of censoring
wihs$C1 <- ifelse(wihs$drop==1,wihs$time,NA) #C1 is time of censoring due to drop-out
wihs$C2 <- ifelse(wihs$delta==0 & wihs$drop==0,wihs$time,NA) #C2 is time of censoring not due to drop-out
# Alan's code: Construct a new dataset looking at ART initiation
wihs2$time=with(wihs,ifelse(art<time & !,art,time))
wihs2$j=with(wihs,ifelse(art<time & !,1,0))
wihs2$delta=with(wihs,ifelse(delta==1 | (! & art<time),1,0))
# Save R data set in the package
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